The importance of conservation of natural species and their degree of protection by the legislation in force means that any activity undertaken in nature may be affected by them and should therefore by analysed and studied by the Administration or private developers. It is also the obligation of the Environmental Administration to establish programmes and studies that contribute to their improvement and advancement. On the other hand, the different habitats in the ecosystems require a comprehensive knowledge to ensure proper management, especially in more sensitive habitats such as wetlands, mountains, forests and steppes. In this regard, Atlántida has extensive experience drafting and implementing biodiversity studies with its team of Graduates in Biology, Environmental Sciences, Ocean Sciences and Biodiversity Assistants.


Design, execution and monitoring of the conservation of steppe birds in Andalusia

Procedure for extension of Sea Farming and IEA for Tuna facilities

Gathering and preparation of tourist information for the Andalusia-Morocco Intercontinental Mediterranean Biosphere Reserve tourist guide

Project for ecological dynamisation and diversification of uses of the Cetina Salt Flats and Marshlands

Elaboration and publication of the IMBR report

Amended Project for Refurbishment of the Real Carenero shipyard and restoration of the defence batteries of the historical site of Puente Suazo and an

Support to drafting of plans of endangered fauna species

Management of fauna data bases

Maintenance and care of ospreys in the hacking tower of Barbate

Informants for environmental awareness campaign

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