Environmental Town planning

Town-planning is an essential tool for organising the territory of municipalities. The network of free spaces and green areas and biodiversity fulfil basic functions in the urban systems and provide significant environmental services. They are a resource for territorial organization and town-planning (they drive growth, the transport network, integrated land uses,etc.). The free spaces also serve to satisfy leisure and recreational needs of the local populations. Likewise, they are an important environmental resource for reducing contamination and pollution, bringing down urban temperature, developing biodiversity, protection areas for vegetable and animal species, conservation of soil and aquifers, etc. In other words, improving urban quality, the environment of the city and those who inhabit it. However, town-planning development in recent decades has led to a progressive reduction and simplification of biodiversity within cities. Currently, the conception and management of green spaces and biodiversity in cities is undergoing a process of change. Thus, during the first decade of the 21st century, the basic pillars contemplate the recovery of urban green areas and biodiversity as one of the main elements to redirect the relationship between nature and urbanism, to satisfy the need for the population to be in contact with nature, to improve the environmental conditions of the city, the habitability and therefore, the quality of life. Atlántida Medio Ambiente has taken part in the phases of drafting the General Town Planning Plans by drafting reports on improvements, proposals and environmental criteria, by our team of professionals with experience in the area, graduates in Geography, Biology and Environmental Engineering.


Elaboration of Technical Data Sheets for diagnosis of non-buildable land to support the Plan for the Coastline Corridor In Cádiz

Technical report for improvement of sustainability of the General Town Planning Plan of Chiclana de la Frontera

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